How good is Prime Drink?

According to Malone, one of the main issues with Prime drink is its caffeine concentration, which is particularly important for parents to take into account. She notes that even though the label for the prime energy drink states that it is intended for adults 18 and above. It “heavily markets toward young people who may not realize there’s a difference between prime energy and prime hydration drink.”

In fact, according to Harvard Health, marketing methods for energy drinks generally target teenagers. The National Institutes of Health reports that, among American teens and young adults, energy drinks are the second most popular dietary supplement after multivitamins.

Prime drink for Kids during exercise?

For children and adults alike, water is ideal for them. Children in particular don’t require any form of prime hydration drink or energy drink.

“If the game or practice lasts less than two hours, our main recommendation for most kids’ sports is to just drink water,” adds Carl. They’ll stay hydrated with the water, and foods typically have plenty of electrolytes.

For a child participating in a six-hour soccer event, a prime drink would be okay. But even in that case, water and snacks should be enough, according to her. Carl advises carefully reading the ingredient labels before purchasing a prime hydration drink or any energy drink if you decide to give your child one of these. “Some of these drinks are marketed toward children with bright colors and images of people that children are watching.

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